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Remote Management and Energy Optimisation Software Solutions

Properly managed energy solutions are solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and efficient. Our software management solution connects every component of a business to a central control point. From there it can intelligently manage the operation of the business or power equipment on site. This includes providing security for the valuable assets being used in remote areas often open to theft due to their remoteness.

From example, it can allow a business to grant or deny access to technicians at remote facilities through magnetic locks,
switch air-conditioners on or off depending on power availability levels and demand, or switch to battery, grid, generator or solar power as demand and supply varies.


Most importantly the use of this software reduces truck roll, which is the need for technicians to travel to business sites. Truck roll is a major cost centre and business inhibitor that can cause failure of power supply by not being able to respond quickly enough to technical issues.

One of the challenges to employing these software solutions for any business can be the time it takes to develop and then deploy them. Through selective use of technology we can design and deploy a tailored system with basic functionality within one hour to any remotely-connected facility. Full functionality can be delivered as quickly as two or three business days.


With full management of a business infrastructure come other benefits, such as reporting and traceability, so that your business gains accountability at every step in the process. XONAE offers full reports for auditing purposes. There is also no annual licence fee, as is the case with many competing products, because it is not required. There are few software updates due to the low upgrade cycle of these solutions and maintenance and support can be arranged far more cost-effectively as required.

A list of our services and our solution’s features include:


  • Access control – Open or close magnetic locks remotely
  • Energy and load management – Monitor exact consumption and automatic switching of components for power-saving
  • Surge and lightning – Monitor earth impedance and ground earth continuity on your system
  • Air-conditioning – Control temperature-sensitive areas remotely
  • Lighting control – Control and monitor all your lighting
  • Interfacing into other monitoring systems
  • Control and diagnostics to other electrical components – Electric motors, pumps, scales, VSD, soft-starters, conveyer-belts and more
  • Central command centre – Receive all info at one, central location
  • Monitor/control any device with a digital/analogue output
  • Integration into any existing PLC and automation system

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