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Go beyond ordinary network management

AirWave™ network management lets IT improve the application and device experience for #GenMobile on wired and wireless multivendor networks.

Unlike traditional port-based network management, AirWave employs a user-centric approach for #GenMobile, identifying who is connected, where they are connected, the mobile devices they’re using, and how much bandwidth specific devices are consuming.


With visibility into everything that affects wireless and mobility service-level agreements (SLAs), AirWave network

management lets you proactively plan for capacity, visualize client performance and troubleshoot application issues before you get a helpdesk ticket.


With AirWave, your entire distributed enterprise – from campuses to branch offices around town and around the world – are easily and efficiently managed through a single pane of glass, making it easy to keep your SLAs on track.

Visualize everything, everywhere

The AirWave VisualRF™ feature lets you see wireless coverage as well as how devices and apps are performing on the network. In addition to keeping SLAs in the black, you’ll resolve problems faster, reduce helpdesk tickets and make better-informed decisions.


Communicate and collaborate wirelessly

AirWave network management provides visibility into unified communication and collaboration (UCC) traffic on Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks™. Interactive dashboards let you correlate call quality with client and network health, monitor call diagnostics per device and view historical reports.


Scalability for the world’s biggest networks

AirWave clustering makes it easy to manage tens of thousands of network-connected #GenMobile users, devices, access points, controllers and wired infrastructures across multiple geographies and generations of multivendor networks.


Wireless and wired rogue detection

Powerful AirWave RAPIDS™ adds considerable strength to network security and industry compliance efforts by detecting and locating unauthorized client devices, rogue access points, and attacks against the wireless and wired infrastructure.


Manage multiple generations of networks

Offering comprehensive visibility across the entire access infrastructure, AirWave manages multiple generations of networks from leading vendors – from fat APs to thin, and from legacy Wi-Fi gear to the latest.

The strongest network access security for the best enterprise mobility experience.

ClearPass provides a window into your network and covers all your network security & access control requirements from a single platform. You get complete views of mobile devices and users with total control over what they can access.

Best of all, it works with any multivendor infrastructure and is easily extended to network security business and IT

systems you already have in place.


To improve the end-user experience, ClearPass delivers a wide range of self-service network security capabilities. Users can securely onboard their own devices, sponsor guest Wi-Fi access and even setup sharing for Apple TV and Google Chromecast. All without a single call to your helpdesk.


The power of ClearPass network control comes from integrating ultra-scalable AAA with policy management, guest network access, device onboarding, device health checks, with a complete understanding of context. It leverages a user’s role, device, location, application-use and time-of-day to execute custom security policies, accelerate device deployments, and streamline network operations across wired, wireless and VPNs.

Policy management that lays down the law

Manage policies for tens of thousands of mobile users, devices and apps while controlling network access with enterprise-grade AAA, including RADIUS/TACACS.

Let users onboard their own devices

Automatically provision personal mobile devices with wireless, wired and

VPN settings, download certificates and trust details, and keep control of each user’s unique device.

Auto Sign-On and you’re good to go

Once users sign-in to the network, they don’t need to sign-in again to use their mobile apps. No need to tap out usernames and passwords over and over again on tiny mobile-device keyboards.

Swap critical info with third-party systems

Now all your business and IT systems – MDM, helpdesk, SIEM and threat-defense – can be network-fluent through RESTful APIs and data feeds that orchestrate workflows.

Your guest experience starts here

Self-service guest access that’s tailored to your business needs. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 guests, it’s the simplest, most customizable visitor management system for wireless and wired.

Device assessments that keep out the riffraff

Advanced endpoint posture assessments and health checks keep your network safe and secure while ensuring that all mobile devices are fully compliant before they connect.

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